Events of ADRI (Patna - Ranchi)

Welcome Delegates From National Defence College : Interactive Session On Bihar
05 Feb 2016

A delegation from the National Defense College visited the Asian Development Research Institute (ADRI) today to learn about the history, culture, and economic and social conditions of Bihar. ADRI's partner institution, the International Growth Centre (IGC), made a presentation to the visiting delegation. Country Economists of the IGC, Pankaj Verma and Abhimanyu Gahlaut, together made the presentation elaborating the growth record of Bihar.

The presentation focused on the state of Bihar during colonial times, evolution of the society and economy of Bihar in the post independence period, and the recent gains that have been made in the state with regards to improvements in educational, health, and infrastructure-related conditions.

After the presentation, the delegates and the researchers engaged in an informal discussion about the future challenges and prospects facing the state of Bihar. Professor P P Ghosh, Director, ADRI, and Dr. Kathinka Sinha-Kerkhoff then further elaborated upon the challenges involved in sustaining a high growth momentum in Bihar, and possible solutions. Dr. Shaibal Gupta, the Member-Secretary of Asian Development Research Institute, was then presented with a token of appreciation by the visiting delegation. In the delegation, prominent among foreign delegates were Col. Tom Bajus (USA), Col. Oliveira (Brazil), and Mr. Tomoyuki Tono Kakizo (Japan).

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