Events of ADRI (Patna - Ranchi)

Poverty In Bihar: Patterns, Dimensions And Eradication Strategies
18 Apr 2010

A three day International seminar on ‘Poverty in Bihar: Patterns, Dimensions and Eradication strategies’ was organized by the Institute for  Human Development in association with ADRI and supported by UNDP. It was held during 18-20 April,2010 at Patna.

The overall objective of the seminar was to bring together a panel of eminent experts, from within and outside India, to revisit the poverty issue, with a view to identify measures that may be necessary to speed up and sustain the process of poverty alleviation in Bihar.

The discussions in the session centered around the following issues:

  • dentifying the poor and key dimensions of poverty in Bihar
  • How important is gender disparities for poverty?
  • What were the experiences and successes stories in poverty reductions in India
  • What should be the development paths for poverty reduction and what framework should be designed for prioritizing poverty reduction state interventions
  • Do targeted schemes and programmes reach the poor and excluded?

Finally the session came to an end with a panel discussion on strategies, priorities and prospects for poverty reduction in Bihar.