Events of ADRI (Patna - Ranchi)

Orientation And Training Programme On Human Rights Education Organized By ADRI, Patna And IHRE, Madurai
25 Jul 2016

Three days residential Orientation and Training Programme for head masters and teachers of 60 govt. middle school of Dhanarua, Koilwar and Jehanabad blocks of Patna, Bhojpur and Jehanabad districts on Human Rights Education organized by in joint collaboration with ADRI, Patna and IHRE, Madurai.

This training programme was inaugurated by former member of State Human Rights Commission, Bihar Justice Rajendra Prasad by lightening the candle. In his inaugural address he said that a teachers always correct the courses of pupil and guides him to go on correct path. He also told that our country delayed in constituting the Human Rights Commission and ultimately and it was formed in 2008. Due to delay in constitution of Human Rights Institutions different type of Human Rights violations increased in the society and the people had no mechanism to get protection of these. He also elaborated about the social justice and told that some positive discrimination have been made in the constitution to provide some special privileged of the marginalized community like sc/st, but now the days it became a cause of conflict in the society. He also told that there is no need to define the Human Rights separately because it is already culprit in our culture and human being. He stressed that a children should must know the human rights so that they could protect the Human Rights their self and others.

Member Secretary of ADRI Dr. Shaibal Gupta on this occasion said that in the present context knowledge is the capital and most important assets of country, for example UN economy is completely based on knowledge capital other than agriculture and others. Status of health and education indicates the development scenario of a country and in totality situation of human rights in a society or country tells the status of knowledge capital.

During the technical session advocate Uday Kumar from DASHRA , Ms. Rashmi Jha, guest faculty, Patna University , Shri SK Jha,and Shri Akhilesh Kumar, Shri Indrajit Goswami facilitated the trainees on Universal Declaration on Human Rights, sectoral rights, child rights and need to develop Human Rights Culture in schools etc.

Patna July 26, The highlight of the second day of the orientation program for headmasters and teachers, organized by ADRI and IHRE, was an address by Shri Gyandeo Mani Tripathi, Headmaster at MCEM School, Hajipur about the Right to Education. He outlined the history of modern education in Bihar. He said that an atmosphere of dialogue had always pervaded our educational system but after the establishment of British-sponsored educational institutions, this dialogue was stifled. He said we will have to change our strategy for education. RTE compelled us to think of our children as the present of our nation.

Shri Sukumar Jha, retired Principal, spoke about the need for an atmosphere for moulding our children. Schools still follow the traditional method of the teacher-centric approach. He said it is the bearer of the policy which creates the failures and not the policy itself. He talked about his experiences with a World Bank team that had come to inspect schools in undivided Bihar when he had opined that the students were terrified of their teachers.

Shri Akhilesh Kumar, BPM, Jeevika, elaborated on the rights of children that have been enshrined at the UN Convention for Child Rights in 1989. He listed the right to survival, protection, participation and development as the four major rights that children had been ensured. He requested the teachers to put a check on any such violation of these rights.

Rashmi Jha, guest faculty at Patna University, spoke on the need for education about human rights and on UN World Program on Human Rights and context of gender perspective.

Shri Uday Kumar of DASHRA, Patna spoke on sectoral rights of Dalits, tribals, women, and the disabled.

Patna July 27. The concluding day of the Orientation and Training Program for Headmasters and Teachers was addressed by Rajesh Kumar Singh, State Coordinator, IHRE, Bihar. This program was organized by Asian Development Research Institute, Patna and Institute of Human Rights Education, Madurai. He confirmed that the participants were now HRE (Human Rights Educators) teachers. They were protectors of human rights now. The whole talk was about the protection and promotion of human rights.

Shri Akhilesh Kumar, BPM, Jeevika said that Human rights were violated by the state. He asked them to inculcate values in their pupils so that they would defend human rights in the future. He suggested that they form Human Rights Clubs in their respective schools. He reminisced of his school days when there were no opportunities for speaking on a platform. He could not gain that experience and so, felt hesitant when called upon to speak in public later on in life. This lack of opportunity was a human rights violation. Therefore, he entreated the participants to make such a speaking platform active in their schools. A booklet on human rights was distributed among the participants. It was suggested that this book be used by the students. The lessons should be planned by the teachers. They should also have control over themselves so that the children could also learn to control themselves. Shri Kumar asked the teachers to encourage the students to participate in activities like painting, music, drama, etc. The concluding remarks of the Program were made by the Director of ADRI, Dr. Prabhat P. Ghosh. During valedictory session he said that Human Rights Education should be teach in the school so we find out appropriate mechanisms for advocacy to include Human Rights as a subject in school curriculum as also beyond the school with a view to reach the masses.