05 Sep 2014

The founder-members of ADRI were aware of the fact that its agenda of social science research cannot be convincingly pursued if it was restricted to a rather small academic community. For the agenda to be socially and culturally rooted, it required the participation of a wider section of society, with whom the academia should interact constantly. The dream of a knowledge society could be achieved only through such interactions. It was this understanding of the social science research that had led the ADRI to institute the ADRI Foundation Lecture series in 1993. Till date, these lectures have been delivered by some of the most distinguished scholars in their own fields. They have covered issues that span nearly every dimension of social challenges, both national and international, and have been a rare source of the frontier areas of social thought for the intelligentsia of Patna. Needless to say, as the city happens to be located in a peripheral region of the country, the participation of its intelligentsia in ADRI Foundation Lectures has been enormous. During this important annual event, ADRI also utilises the opportunity to inform the audience of the organisation's progress and challenges.

Speaker Year Topic
September 15, 2015 Role of Jamshedji Tata: Contribution of Parsis in Indian Freedom Struggle by Lord Karan Bilimoria
September 05, 2014 Can Poverty Ever Be Abolished? by Lord Meghnad Desai
January 14, 2013 Redefining Capitalism by Professor Joseph E Stiglitz
July 20, 2012 Civilisation Dialogue Between India and ASEAN by Professor Amartya K Sen
July 15, 2006 Caste in Contemporary India by Professor Andre Beteille
September 28, 2002 India's Religious Pluralism and its Implications for the Economy by Professor Barbara Harris- White
March 06, 2001 India on the Brink by Professor Francine R. Frankel
November 04, 1999 Economic Development & Political Democracy: India Since Independence by Professor Deepak Nayyar
October 04, 1997 Local Culture & Global Market by Shree Ashok Vajpeyi
December 10, 1995 Smriti aur Itihas: Chauri Chaura 1922-1992 by Professor Shahid Amin
August 31, 1994 Globalisation of India Fantasy and Reality by Professor Amiya Kumar Bagchi
March 27, 1993 Role of The State and The Market In Economic Development by Professor Prabhat Patnaik
March 10, 1992 Crisis of Socialism and Its Future by Professor Randhir Singh