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Delegates From National Defence College, New Delhi

From 31-01-2014 To 31-01-2014
PATNA: A 13-member delegation from the National Defence College, New Delhi, led by Brigadier S.S Dewsi, towards the end of their week-long study tour of Bihar, visited ADRI on Friday. The The delegation's visit to ADRI was for better understanding of the socio-economic transition of Bihar in recent times. The Delegation comprising  senior military and administrative officers fielded questions on the matters of Bihar economy, development and women empowerment.

Chinmaya Kumar of the International Growth Centre Bihar-India in his presentation highlighted the turnaround story of Bihar before the delegation which had senior  military and administrative officers from India along with one each Thailand, Kazakhstan and Kenya as well.

In the two- hour interaction programme, the delegates focused their queries around the recent progressive changes in social, economic and industrial fields and the tangible changes they witnessed in their field visit across the state.

Dr. Shaibal Gupta, Member Secretary , ADRI and Professor PP Ghosh, Director, ADRI took questions from the delegation and explained the various socio- economic complexities the delegation witnessed

The delegation said they did perceive a ray of hope amongst the people while they visited the rural and urban areas of the state, but said it may take decades before one sees things set right. The delegate from the energy-rich Central Asian country Kazakhstan also wanted to know ADRI's perspective of the relations between India and the five Central Asian countries.

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