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Experimentation on Folk arT

Dharohar has long realized that in the absence of experimentation and innovation. It would be difficult to keep alive the rich tradition of folk arts in Bihar. To facilitate this process, it has therefore constructed a small stage within its own premises where rural artists from different parts of Bihar are invited to perform and interact with fellow artists from other parts. Here again the response has been very wide and more than 20 such performances have been held, each accompanied by interactive workshops of fellow artists.

Discussion on selected film texts

During the years 2008-2009, Dharohar organized a number of sessions devoted to detailed discussions around film such as ‘Taal’, ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, and ‘Billu Barber’. These sessions lasted for around two hours each time and no effort was spared in highlighting the formal artistic or the socio-political issues emerging from the textual analysis.


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