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Organization of workshops, lectures and seminars is an ongoing activity of SRC, Ranchi. Workshops are organized to provide a platform to various departments, NGOs in allied fields and development sector, researchers and experts on subjects to put in the best of the brains on an important topic of discussion.


Writer’s Workshop on Tribal Languages    

A regular and important feature of SRC, Ranchi is to organize writer’s workshop to develop literacy related reading material in tribal languages of Jharkhand. It is organized with the broad objective to develop reading material for the neo-literates in their native tribal language like Santhali, Mundari etc. Eminent educationists, subject experts and language experts are invited to participate and contribute to develop rich and meaningful literacy material in native tribal languages.

Special Workshops

  • Special Tribal Literacy Plan
  • Symposium on Special Literacy Campaign
  • Seminar on Construction of Tribe
  • Account Settlement Workshop for ZSS
  • Strategy Formulation for Literacy Programme in Jharkhand
  • Akshar Jharkhand Foundation Lecture
  • Round Table Discussion on Teachers & Educational Changes – How do Teachers respond to DPEP innovations?
  • Seminar on Globalization: Issues & Challenges
  • Livelihood Promotion
  • Role of Media in Literacy – Project on Media Activities
  • Lecture on ‘Globalization and Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century’
  • Lecture on Environment, Conservation and Indigenous Knowledge
  • Tribal Empowerment and Local Self Governance
  • Seminar on Legal Rights of Women
  • Workshop-cum-Orientation Programme on National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGA).
  • Environment and Livelihood
  • Santhal Culture
  • Convergence Based Literacy Programme            
  • Experience Sharing Workshop on Impact of
  • Literacy Programme    
  • Interactive Session on Jharkhand Development    

Some of the Activities undertaken under PDE are:

Outreach Activities

Observance of Important Days

  • World Population Day – July 11
  • International Literacy Day – September 8
  • Worlds AIDS Day – December 1
  • World Woman’s Day – March 8  

On the occasion of these important day’s health check-up camps, seminars, rallies etc were organized in Ranchi, Simdega and Hazaribagh districts of the State by SRC to spread awareness among the masses.

Health Check-Up Camp for Rural Women and Adolescents

Fourteen health check–up camps have already been organized in nine districts of Jharkhand. Distinct features of the camps were:

  • Regular health check-up by Physicians
  • Interactive discussion cum feedback session with the people attending the camps
  • Display of information through posters and charts
  • Competitive quiz programmes for the children and adult females

As per our records around 2400 people have participated in the health check-up camps in different districts of Jharkhand organized by SRC, Ranchi


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