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Research on Folk Forms

Village Survey on Cultural Practices

All folk art forms are on the decline the world over, and Bihar is no exception. The younger generation of most of the communities does not generally learn the folk art practices from their elders. While the modern mass media is fast changing the aesthetic taste of the people, the changing material base of the society is also eroding the relevance of various folk arts. Dharohar has undertaken village surveys, discovering and documenting all the practiced folk arts there. The surveys also collect information on their ethnic base, religious antecedents and other relevant aspects. Nearly 40 villages in Magahi zone have already been surveyed in the districts of Patna, Gaya, Aurangabad, Jehanabad and Nalanda where nearly 400 rural artists have provided a rich base of information on the cultural traditions of the region. The survey will gradually cover more village in other zone of Bihar as well.

Survey on the state of the Cinema and Music industry in the region

In 2009, Dharohar undertook a pilot survey of the modern music industry in Bihar and some parts of eastern Uttar Pradesh as part of its continuing effort to trace changes in the traditional forms. The survey focuses on both the realm of cultural meanings and the growth of the entertainment industry in the region. Similarly, in 2008, an extensive study/survey on Bhojpuri [and other vernacular languages] cinema was carried out. The focus again was both textual as well as economic.


Wherever there are folk art performances and festivals, organized either by Dharohar or other institutions, their audio or audio-visual documentation is one of the regular activities of Dharohar. Fortunately, Dharohar is technologically self-sufficient to undertake such documentation without incurring large expenses. The current size of its library of audio and audio-visual cassettes has earned the appreciation of many and it is growing fast. Dharohar now possesses over 300 CDs of Bhojpuri films since the 1960s as an ongoing exercise.

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