About The Centre

The State Resource Centre (SRC) for adult education was set up in 1995 at ADRI with support from the National Literacy Mission. As elsewhere SRC (ADRI) was envisaged as a crucial element of the literacy campaign in the then undivided Bihar. After the bifurcation of the State, 18 of those 27 districts served by SRC (ADRI) fall under the Jharkhand and the remaining are under the truncated Bihar.

The key responsibility of SRC is to provide academic and technical support for the on going adult literacy programme. However the National Literacy Mission mandated following main tasks for the SRC:

  • To provide quality reading materials to aid the on-going literacy programmes
  • To provide training to literacy functionaries on both organizational and pedagogic issues
  • To organize seminars and workshops, which help in upgrading awareness and skills of literacy functionaries
  • To develop literacy materials like Primers for Basic and post literacy and other supplementary reading materials for the neo-literates,
  • Creation of environment conductive to the propagation of literacy
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of literacy programmes

SRC Patna has contributed significantly to the literacy campaign in Bihar through its traditional agenda as indicated by the National Literacy Mission, as well as through number of innovative interventions, designed in response to the specificities of the region that it had to serve.

The challenges which confronted the SRC Patna were manifold. Apart from the lowest literacy rates in Bihar, there were several other factors that confounded the problem. First, the State was far from homogenous linguistically, with several dialogues being spoken here, including the tribal languages. Secondly Bihar is home of the largest segment of the scheduled caste and scheduled tribe population, the social categories which are most disadvantaged vis-à-vis literacy and education. Finally a large part of the areas where SRC, Patna functions is characterized by militant agrarian movements in rural areas which greatly hamper the literacy campaign. Overcoming all these hurdles SRC Patna has been successful in making an effective intervention towards the spread of literacy in the State.


1. Gaya Phase I Yes Approved***   Yes  
Phase II Approved Approved  
2. E. Champaran Phase I Yes Ongoing   Yes Yes
Phase II On going Approved***  
3. W. Champaran Yes Ongoing      
4. Kaimur Yes Ongoing      
5. Nawada Yes Approved      
6. Nalanda Yes Approved      
7. Jehanabad Yes Yes      
8. Gopalganj Approved      
9. Araria Phase I Yes Ongoing   Yes Yes
Phase II Yes Approved  
10.   Phase I Yes Approved   Yes Yes
Phase II Ongoing Approved  
11. Kishanganj Yes Yes * Yes Yes
12. Buxar Yes Ongoing      
13. Rohtas Phase I Yes Approved      
Phase II Approved Approved
14. Siwan Phase I Yes Approved      
Phase II Approved Approved
15. Saran      
16. Bhojpur Yes Yes On going    
17. Aurangabad Phase I Yes Approved      
PhaseII Approved Approved
18. Arwal**   Yes Yes      

* = CEP Proposal Submitted
** = Arwal is a new district separated from Jehanabad. TLC & PLP Phase of Jehanabad had covered the areas of Arwal also.
*** = TLC and PLP Composite Project

TLC=Total Literacy Campaign
PLP=Post Literacy Programme
CEP=Continuing Education Programme
PRI=Project for Residual Literacy
JSA=Jan Shiksha Abhiyan

Support Services to SLMA (State Literacy mission authority) :

There was a long delay in the formation of SLMA in Bihar due to lack of interest on the part of State Government. SRC, ADRI brought out a ‘vision paper’ on literacy of Bihar and mobilized political leadership of the state. As a result, after a long gap the General Council Meeting of SLMA was held in the year 2004, where Chief Minister and other concerned ministers actively participated. Since then, SLMA, Bihar has been functioning independently.