The ADRI Internship Programme has been recognized as one of the most sought-after post-graduate internship assignments across India. The programme, well-crafted and steered by our faculty members, aims to cater to the growing needs of candidates willing to pursue courses in advance economics. The Institute intends to attract young scholars in the field of economics, who have duly imbibed the academic rigour in their previous courses and have exhibited a strong desire to learn key techniques in their quest for a career in research and industry. The programme that runs for 45 to 60 days during summer receives numerous applications every year, mostly from students in their final-year of MA/MSc programme. Applications are on rolling basis and received only online; an early expression of interest is highly encouraged given the eleventh hour rush. Selection for the programme is incumbent on candidates’ curriculum vitae and a statement of purpose not running over 500 words. Towards the end of the programme, the interns are expected to present their research findings at a seminar. All the interns receive a modest stipend and awarded a certificate at the end of their internship. The Institute is unable to provide accommodation to outstation candidates, but efforts are made to help the interns find a place to stay during the programme. The Institute is located at the very heart of the city and the interns generally do not face any problem during their stay here. While at the institute, the interns can expect a decent, modern working environment and a cordial team of academic/non-academic staff.

Should an applicant need to know more on what is offered during the programme, (s)he may write to us at