About ADRI Society

The Asian Development Research Institute (ADRI) was established and registered as a Society by a group of social scientists in 1991. It is a non-profit civil society organization, dedicated to social science research. The motivation for starting yet another institute in Patna was not merely to expand social science research, but to emphasize some dimensions of it which were thought to be critical but had received rather limited attention.

In the research perspective set out above, the broad objectives of ADRI are:

  • To undertake academic research of direct relevance to development efforts made by an individual or a group or the community itself;
  • To broaden the database of research as also of its end use by involving as many classes of persons and institutions as possible;
  • To offer research results in a more innovative, demystified and use worthy form; and finally
  • To restore woman/man to her/his central position in social research in totality and with full dignity.

With the above philosophy of social science research and organizational objectives, a group of professionals had started ADRI in early nineties. Since then, the Faculty has expanded to cover such diverse disciplines as economics, sociology, history, statistics, environment, education, public administration, management and information science.